I’m dreaming of a white Valentine’s Day

Last night i dreamt that i was in Switzerland again with my dear friends, the Hamiltons. I worked for their family in New York for a year, and they took me to visit the beautiful town of Gstaad in Switzerland for Valentines Day.  It is one of my favourite places on the planet now. I’ve been there twice so far … the last time was in 2006.  They generally go every year, so I’m making a MASSIVE attempt to go again soon.  The smell of the cheese and chocolate and delicious food is still fresh in my memory when i look at the photos… and goodness me it’s breathtaking!!!  I’m pining for this place, and the Hamiltons, so I thought I’d share it with you! 🙂

This is the main road that goes through the town where all the shops are. that little buiding on the right of the photo is a teeeny weeeeny church. love.

Thick, thick snow. I can still hear it crunching under my boots 🙂

Cow statue. yes! And see the little shop on the left the "von Siebenthal's"? They're a lovely German family who i had the pleasure of meeting and drinking wine with!

The view from the chalet looks something like this ... I can hear the crackling fire, and smell Steve's cooking still .... Oh Gstaad, I love you.


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