A Klerksdorp suprise

How lovely. I want it ... hehe

Who would’ve known, that deeeeep down in the heart of one of Klerksdorp’s oldest suburbs, lay a little hidden treasure?? My sister! That’s who!

She took me there today, and boy was i glad she did.  This little shop/restaurant, had so many brightly colored, crafty delights, I wanted to max out my credit card!!

Now, i can’t really remember the name of the place. But on the off chance that anyone actually ends up in Klerksdorp, wanting to go there, i can find out 😉

Here are the pics….

cool clocks. I think i would buy all three and hang them just like that 🙂

pretty Christmas trees

My beautiful sister Charlyn

the shop on the inside

you can sit in a bath and drink your tea!

That's me...


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