Get your foot in the door!

A few years ago, my sister worked in an art cafe, where all the decor was for sale, and you could order the ashtrays and salt and pepper shakers, etc. During her time there she had a mould of her foot done which i now use as a doorstop. I happened to think this was brilliant, but some people think it’s very weird.

"My Sister's Foot" doorstop

Then i found these ones that i also think are pretty cool …

Perhaps a bit less freaky

And then of course there’s these ones that are also very cute…. and also super duper easy to make!!

Of course you can also paint a brick, use a bag of pebbles or even an empty tube of cream? Who says something as simple as a doorstop has to be boring? hehe!

That’s it! And I’m off to clean my door *blush*


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