Repeat. Sleep.

Ever had a favorite song on a cd that you just CAN’T get enough of, and you play it over and over and over and over …..

Tonight a friend reminded me that once, when we had a sleepover in high school, we slept with Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ on repeat. I miss the days when you turn on the radio and there’s actual music playing. Nirvana, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, L7 (actually i’m not sure if they every played L7 on the radio). Ah the music of my youth!

I’m still in love with ‘Alternative Rock’ and if i were having a sleepover tonight, the song i would put on repeat would be this one by the Black Keys. It’s surprising that i love this band because of it’s very 70’s rock-ish feel (generally i don’t like anything from the 70’s), but months after i heard this album it’s still one that i can’t seem to tire of.

Really? that's them? Yes, really!

So, if you haven’t heard this flippin rad rock band … here you go…  My favorite song “The Only One”. Who knows what’s going on in this random video, but it’s the only one i found, so who cares. Have a look-see 🙂


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