Nachos muchachos

My wonderful roommate Elise is not only American, she’s half Hispanic. She makes the most INSANELY delicious mexican food you’ve EVER tasted …or seen …or smelled!!

If she’s not whipping up fajitas (from scratch) she’s making tacos or, like tonight, NACHOS!!  I really love food, especially food from all over the world, and nachos are one of my favorite favorite things to eat. (i love them so much they get ‘favorite’ twice)

I’ve tried using the exact same ingredients as she does, and my food never tastes as good. I asked her what the secret was and she either doesn’t want to tell me, or she doesn’t know herself. Must just be her Hispanic blood.

First came the the corn chips.

Then the  minced meat or “ground beef”, fried with onion and spiced with Taco spice.

We covered that with some “pico de gallo” (salsa) made with tomato; onion; chilli; coriander, salt and lemon juice.

Topped it off with grated cheese,  guacamole and sour cream aaaaaaand ….

TADAAAA!!!! Yummy! I won’t be able to really enjoy Nachos at a restaurant anymore. Try it, your mouth will love you forever!


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