TV Hugger

For the past week i’ve been on holiday with my family in the wonderful golf estate and holiday resort San Lameer in Natal. My brother in-law had the good intention of bringing his DSTV smart card with so we could keep up with our favorite shows on TV, only to find out that his fancy new smart card didn’t work in the holiday home’s old decoder.

The words “guess we won’t have TV this holiday” came easily out of his mouth, but being a person who gets bored faster than you can snap your fingers, my ears did not welcome them easily…  Many people don’t like TV. Many people are proud of the fact that they don’t own one, or at least don’t watch it. Many people feel guilty watching it all day long… I’m not one of those people. I already had to leave my dog, now i must leave TV?? (let me now add that the Blackberry service had been down a few days so my beloved phone wasn’t working either). I love TV and i’m not ashamed of it! I find it the perfect way to relax, switch my over-active brain off and escape reality for a while. It’s the perfect transition from “awake” to “sleep” too. I’ll watch anything, from stupid reality shows (and the re-runs) to interesting documentaries, decor and design shows or the same movie over and over again… and when there’s absolutely nothing to watch there’s always the french channel or the music channel, both equally undecipherable most of the time. Knowing i’d be going a week without TV didn’t necessarily make me unhappy, i knew that it was a great opportunity to do other stuff, and the chance of me getting bored wasn’t very good, but the thought still made me feel a little  uneasy… out of touch perhaps.

Of course i immediately thought “oh well at least i have my laptop” which hosts some of my favorite movies and couple of seasons of my favorite series shows. But what is it that makes us resistant to be “out of touch”? I love my TV, i love my Blackberry and i love my MacBook, and feel a little bit like i lost a limb when i have to part with either. Sad? Probably.

I’ve always been slightly obsessed with the 1940’s and 50’s and been a little sad that i never got to experience living in that era. Of course they didn’t know what they were missing so they didn’t miss anything they didn’t have. But it’s times like these that make me thankful for the internet, DSTV, and everything else that contributes to making my life easier and always keeping me in touch.

I’ve had a great week of reading the new book i (quickly) bought and walking on the beach. I learnt to play poker, learnt one or two new crochet patterns, “played” tennis, paddled around the lagoon, went for a spa treatment and had many good afternoon naps.

While i’m convinced that this is the way holidays are supposed to be, i can’t wait to go home to my dog, and my TV 🙂


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