The one where i turned 30

My plan, when i was in my early 20’s, was to get artificially inseminated and start a family on my own if, by the age of 30, i still didn’t have a husband (or at least someone on the road to becoming my husband). I thought i’d take matters into my own hands before my biological clock explodes. This week i celebrated my 30th birthday (3 times) and there’s no husband in sight. However, realising how young 30 actually is, i think i’ll give myself a few more years 😉

I don’t mind getting older but i must admit, turning 30 is weird. Something definitely happened (mentally) the morning i woke up on my birthday! There’s no denying now that i’m officially a “grown-up” even if i don’t feel like one … although, actions speak louder than words – or feelings.
I remember having a conversation with a friend years ago, and we wondered if we’d EVER be those people that just stay home on weekends. We thought those people were boring. We couldn’t imagine NOT going out. It took us at least an hour to prepare for whatever party or club we were attending, carefully choosing our outfits and putting our make up on with precision, leaving just enough time to perfect our hair. We’d dance the night away, get home at some ungodly hour, and fall asleep just before the chirping birds welcomed the start of a new day.
I’m not quite sure when exactly i started enjoying staying home more than going out, when i started choosing cappuccinos instead of alcoholic beverages, or when i decided that it’s better to have a conversation than a dance-off. But it happened indeed!
I now look forward to the rare occasions when we dress up and go out, but when i’m home – washing the smokey smell from my hair –  i’m grateful that they don’t happen as often as they used to. I appreciate going to bed at a ‘decent’ hour! I’ve swopped sleeping late for early morning dog walks; pilates and coffee dates, and nights of dancing for movies and dinner parties.
I might still look 21 to some people, but i have grown up. I’ve experimented, changed, learnt, grown and matured, and besides the few extra centimeters i’ve gained, i’ve also gained wisdom.
I know i still have a lot to learn from life, and a lot of growing, accepting and maturing to do, but I’m grateful for the experiences i’ve had, proud of who i’ve become, and excited about what lies ahead.

One response to “The one where i turned 30

  1. candice

    Flipping love you!!!!

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