My Favorite Man

Richard Ayoade. Oh boy….

If you’re a fan of British comedy then this face should be nothing new to you. Since i was introduced to his show, The IT Crowd a few years back, i’ve been a HUGE fan of his, but the more i saw his face appearing in programmes like the Mighty Boosh with Noel Fielding and the Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2010) the bigger a fan i became.

Now if you know me, you’ll know that there are 3 things i love…

1: Afro’s

2: Caramel skin

3: a very clever, witty sense of humor!

Combine the 3 of them and you get…

this 34yr old Norwegian/Nigerian film director and actor. AMAZING.

From directing music video’s for the Arctic Monkeys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to his film Submarine (2010)  and many acting appearances, this talented man with his nerdy appearance has stolen my heart, and quite a bit of space on my Mac. LOVE.

So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking “i haven’t got a cooking clue who this dude is” then you had better watch these links below to educate yourself and prevent further bullets of judgement shooting from my eyes next time i see you.

(just kidding. i can’t shoot stuff from my eyes)

Now do you see why he’s my fav?


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