Thank you Jo’burg <3

Phewy! My legs hurt from all the walking, but my eyes hurt from all the AWESOME!!!

This morning at 8am sharp, my friend Brett picked me up, handed me a cappuccino (God bless him) and off we went on our adventure to Jo’burg CBD.

I have always LOVED this city. I remember my dad bringing us to Jo’burg when i was a kid. I’d remind him to wake me up as we came into the city on the M1, and just the sight of  all the tall buildings would get me SO excited. He’d drive us around, pointing out all the places he and my mom used to go to when they lived here … of course even then, the run down buildings and brothels weren’t exactly what they remembered, but it was exciting just the same. So when i was presented with the opportunity to go and explore this wonderful city, i immediately cancelled my hair appointment and set my alarm for  7am 🙂

Our first stop was the Carlton Centre …

My parents used to hang out here all the time back in the 70’s. There weren’t as many shops open then, but it was definitely THE place to be. We made our way up up up to the very top, where there’s a little cafe (which no one has ever seen open) and the most spectacular views of the city…

It’s R15 per person to go up here, and we’re thinking it would be just wonderful to have a little something involving sundowners up here one evening!!! (woohhooo)

After that we headed on over to the Anstey’s apartment block, a beautiful old building with the sweetest little apartments that they’re busy renovating (and i’m dreaming of buying) which also has a gym and a salon! Can you believe it?? Too cool!

We spent a huge chunk of the day walking and walking and walking some more around the city, and i took a heck of a lot of photos so i won’t post them all, but here’s my absolutely favourite building which they’re also renovating, the City Hall …

The house of the Gauteng Legislature, it also boasts a beautiful pipe organ which, until a few years ago, was the largest one in the southern hemisphere. (yes ways!!) and it. is. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I can’t wait to see what it will look like once the renovations are complete. Those guys are so busy in there, painting, building and polishing, i hope it happens super soon!! We had a wonderful little tour of the building thanks to one of the workers, and the more i saw the more i loved this building.

After walking for so many hours, we stopped at a little coffee shop called Cramers in Harrison street, for a DELICIOUS vanilla frappe. Very highly recommended!!

As we were walking back to the Carlton centre where the car was parked, we found a small, independent movie theatre, where you can watch TWO movies for R12! Imagine that! One movie – interval – another movie, and on a sunday it’s R8!!!! So we stuck around and watched “Last 3 Days” with Russell Crow and Olivia Wilde. It’s good! Intense, but good, and also has a great soundtrack (FYI)  🙂

And then we came back to suburbia. Both with dreams of living in a newly renovated apartment in the city (which is a lot less ‘dodge’ than people think). We came home unscathed. Cameras, phones and money still in our possession.  We didn’t even get sunburn … just the occasional odd look and very, very tired legs 🙂

Thank you Jo’burg for a really wonderful day!!


3 responses to “Thank you Jo’burg <3

  1. sharon

    Thank you Jo that was SO good to have GOOD news about JoYburg! Such a breath of fresh air after so much negative stuff about the CBD for years! Love the photos! Pls post MORE!

  2. robertpaulelliott

    Agreed, please post more, and let me know when you are going in for a shoot again, I’d love to come along.

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