Ignorance is bliss!

I (as a rule) NEVER get involved in politics or general news. Every conversation i’ve ever had on these subjects usually ends in me wanting to scream until my face distorts. I can never manage to stay calm, or collected. I become the Hulk!  I also hate just about all sports, except for soccer; tennis typical girl stuff like gymnastics and figure skating.

This works out very well for me, until i actually end up (to my disgust) in a conversation about any of these topics and then find myself unusually quiet, staring at the ceiling or daydreaming about whatever thoughts are occupying my head at the time. Some people think it’s completely stupid to not know anything about “world we live in” and “what’s going on around you” but if ‘stupid’ is what it takes to have a good day, then i’ll do it. I’ve always said my EQ  is far higher than my IQ, and to me that’s more important anyway. I’d much rather know how to relate to God and people, than know the price of gold and who’s hiding who where.

I TRIED listening to the news on the radio the other day, and it only took about a minute for my blood to start boiling! Litter in my beloved Joburg city after the Cusato e-toll strikes… pregnant Rhino’s found dead because of poachers…. it’s enough to put anyone down in the dumps. The CARE BEARS would need Prozac after listening to that news broadcast! So now i just Google the weather.

Of course my ignorance has lead to hilarious conversations like: “Jolene, you know Trevor Noah?” to which i reply “is he the rugby player?” Now let me just say, that this was AGES ago, i DO know who he is now, AND I even think he’s funny. (i’m a bit of a comedy snob too).

Just the other day a friend explained to me that the “Chiefs” are a rugby team, and she wasn’t referring the the “Kaiser Chiefs”.  Meanwhile i’m thinking “you can just be glad i know that the Kaiser Chiefs aren’t only a cool band from England”.

So yes, i have NO idea what’s going on in the news, on the fields or in the war – if that’s even still happening – but i’m happy, and calm! And in order for me to stay this way i’ll just keep  my head in the clouds, with the birds and the rainbows, and have a great day.



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