Dance, dance, dance … Dance some more!

Now that i have all my fellow South African’s singing the Mango Groove song (sorry!) here begins my new post…

This past weekend was the busiest EVER, but also the most wonderful! It was filled with farewells, welcomings, celebrations, birthdays, dedications, engagements, markets, and an absolute highlight: the ‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’ concert, which i attended on Saturday night at the ‘Town Hall’ in New Town.

MOST of the time people say ‘What’s this Clap Your Hands thing’. So, for those of you who were wondering… they are an Indie Rock band from my beloved New York, USA. You can listen to their toe-tappin’ dancey fun beats here:

I was also overjoyed (but not surprised) to hear that my favorite SA band ‘Desmond and the Tutus’ were opening for them, and let me just say that with a line-up like that, fun is a GUARANTEE!! Oh, and you can listen to the Tutus (as they’re nicknamed) here:

Never in my entire life did i think a night like this was possible, and i couldn’t help but say a little prayer of gratitude when i was squashed against the barrier in the front of the crowd! Pity i fell down the step in my garden a few hours before the concert and busted my ankle 😦 It slowed me down a little but i still managed to dance. One can’t help it when such wonderfully fun music is blasting through your earlobes.

I only got into bed at 3am sunday morning, and remembered a time when that happened every weekend. I really miss the good old days when we always had a party to go to. It’s harder to do in your 30’s though let me tell you! I started yawning at about 10pm, running on nothing but the pure excitement of seeing one of my favorite bands!

We are CLEARLY older now, something made obvious when we all soberly left the venue, stopped in at the 24hour Wimpy for a toasted sandwich and coffee, and had a discussion about  the health effects of eating at such an unusual time of the day.

My, how things have changed! But i haven’t had that much fun in a long time ❤


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