I’m ‘big’ now, i’d better be something!

I’ve always been somewhat of a dreamer.

People would ask me ‘what do you want to be when you grow up? And I always had a different answer. Some were met with a raised eyebrow and a giggle – like when I said I wanted to be a cashier – and then there were those that made people smile with pride, like becoming an architect. I still find it interesting that people think some jobs deserve more respect than others… Surely it’s not the job itself but the person, and their attitude toward it that is deserving of respect?

One thing I knew for sure though, was that I wanted to eventually be a mom. I was always the kid that ended up ‘babysitting’ at parties, every time my mom got sick I hoped it was because she was pregnant, and I loved my dolls more than anything! They were so real to me that I’d buy them Christmas presents and set my alarm clock to ‘wake-up’ in the night to feed them! Yes, I admit I perhaps took it a tad far, or perhaps I can commend my apparently vivid imagination, but that was one thing I remember the most. The other, was entertaining my family…
We were ALWAYS putting together skits, dances, shows and plays to present to our families and friends at get-togethers. We’d take turns being choreographers, directors, actors and singers, and force our ‘audience’ to watch our wonderful productions. Just how wonderful they actually were, remains a mystery….

I can’t even begin to count the list of things I dreamed of doing growing up and how many times I’ve changed my mind. I’ve wanted to be …  a hairdresser, a cop (I know, WHAT?), a beautician, MAGician, a writer, a limo driver (aiming a bit low there), a counselor, a dressmaker, an actress, a rock star, a dog trainer, a pilot, a chef/baker, a florist, an interior designer, a traffic officer (baaahahaha) a jewelry maker, a dancer and the list goes on and on …. Most of which were inspired by some or other movie I had seen, come to think of it.

My sister always knew that one day, she would be a nurse. We’d play ‘Dr Dr’ (because that’s what you do, when you’re young you name all your games twice) and she’d be the Dr or nurse and I’d of course be the mom with the sick baby.
But me? I had no idea. And I can honestly say, that as I sit here 20-odd years later, I STILL have no idea.

My passion for children has kept me wonderfully busy up to now, and has lead me to feel like I’ve never really even had a job. It has blessed me and been so good to me. But once a dreamer, always a dreamer, and I still think of things I could do. Of course they’re now a bit more exciting than working a till at Pick n Pay, but you’ll always find some new idea occupying my thoughts.

A while ago I was ready to pack my bags, board a plane and set off on a journey with the airlines, traveling the world as an air hostess and serving people ‘chicken or beef’.
Clearly that didn’t work out, but I have high hopes for this new one!
Like many others, I’m not sure where i got this idea from, but I now would like to become a director! Film or tv? I’m not sure, maybe a bit of both… Although there’s something so magical about theatre! One sniff of that old wood and your imagination comes alive!

I have SO much to learn, but with the wonderful people I have helping me out, I’m hoping that one day, I’ll be able to do something amazing! Something that will make me think back to this post and see how far I’ve come!

Or maybe not … Maybe I’ll change my mind…?


One response to “I’m ‘big’ now, i’d better be something!

  1. Johnny Snowball

    Keep the dream alive my darling. Someday it will all happen for u.
    Love u. Xxx

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