How nice it is to be human

This morning i tore myself away from my laptop to take my precious little Aoki on a lovely, long walk. How nice… clear the head, get the blood flowing, some fresh air… wonderful.

It was on this walk, that i had a revelation of how amazing the human body is. I’ve always appreciated, and slightly stood in awe of the body and how it works (thanks to my fitness/health freak dad) but today i thought of a few more things that made me appreciate it even more.

The first one being: When i left the house i had a certain song stuck in my head. Can’t even remember what it was now… but while i was walking, i noticed that my brain automatically calculated the speed and rhythm of my steps (and this happens to me all the time, i kid you not) and selects – apparently at random – a song stored somewhere in my memory that suites the tempo. I then I get THAT song in my head, and walk along to its beats, singing the lyrics silently to myself. Today it was The National – Secret Meeting!

The second: I find it fascinating how when one begins to run, your arms automatically bend, in order to move better. HAHA! Imagine if we were to run with straight arms? It would be slightly harder. Babies run with straight arms, but that’s because their arms are so short. They sit with straight legs for the same reason, well, that and it helps them keep their balance. It would be really hard for us though, and your brain knows this, and beds those arms immediately when you pick up the pace… HOWEVER…

all arms bent.

When you want to LEAP … OUT go the arms, assisting the body in thrusting itself upward (in my case not very far) and  adding to the grace and elegance of the move… like ballet dancers…

do not try this at home.

and lastly, I think the fact that our bodies are waterproof makes life a little easier, also more fun… immersing ourselves in water for pleasure, recreation and hygiene would be a lot harder if we needed to keep wringing out our legs. :/


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