It’s hard, being so idealistic.


I’ve realised that i can’t always be bummed about how my life isn’t what i expected, or how nothing seems to ‘ever go my way’. There are things that i’d prefer – ideal situations and circumstances… there always will be. The perfect picture of how things are ‘supposed’ to happen, or how things ‘should’ look. But that isn’t how things ARE.  So what do you do? Do you step aside and wait for life to happen to you just as you’d prefer it? Watching moments go buy and ignore them because purely because they’re not what you expected?  Or, do you embrace opportunities for what they are, and enjoy the moments that are presented to you, without getting too emotional or sentimental and nostalgic about them, and realise that it will all end in tears anyway. Happy tears or sad tears … our cheeks will dry again.

Somehow we all have to learn how to be in this world that we are not of.


One response to “It’s hard, being so idealistic.

  1. Well, always make the best of each situation. I am also a melancholic soul. We know the Author of our faith. Through Him al things are made.

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