It’s hard, being so idealistic.


I’ve realised that i can’t always be bummed about how my life isn’t what i expected, or how nothing seems to ‘ever go my way’. There are things that i’d prefer – ideal situations and circumstances… there always will be. The perfect picture of how things are ‘supposed’ to happen, or how things ‘should’ look. But that isn’t how things ARE.  So what do you do? Do you step aside and wait for life to happen to you just as you’d prefer it? Watching moments go buy and ignore them because purely because they’re not what you expected?  Or, do you embrace opportunities for what they are, and enjoy the moments that are presented to you, without getting too emotional or sentimental and nostalgic about them, and realise that it will all end in tears anyway. Happy tears or sad tears … our cheeks will dry again.

Somehow we all have to learn how to be in this world that we are not of.


Life is Hard…

Many song titles could have been typed into the title bar of this entry, but i decided to book-end this post with a bit of ‘Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’. You know why.

I realise we’re not very far into 2014 but, until today, i didn’t have many wonderful expectations for this year. It started off pretty crummy. I won’t go in to detail, but let’s just say it was disappointing. Disappointing, frustrating, and rather annoying. I would say more (not really) but I think most can relate to those three words in one way or another… and another… and another.
I was feeling sad, a little hopeless, and somewhat negative. I didn’t feel negative about life in general, just certain areas which i wished were different. I wasn’t necessarily walking around with a long face, but i was definitely walking around with a perplexed mind and a hurting heart. I tried to recognise exactly what i was believing about my circumstances, if (and how) i believed they would change, whether or not i was powerless to change them, and what the heck to do with myself until change did appear.

If, after many years, our expectations aren’t met, we can easily be tempted to stop expecting.
If, after many prayers, nothing happens, we can easily be tempted to stop praying.
If, after many (enter appropriate amount of time here) your dreams still seem to be without a glimmer of hope, we can easily be tempted to stop dreaming, or wishing, or hoping.

This is, basically, what went through my mind as i walked around contemplating God and life, and overanalysing behaviours (mine and others) all the live long day. The good thing is that it kept me very busy… I’ve been on holiday, so i’ve had nothing but time. It also made me ask myself some very important questions, which is a good thing every once in a while. However, it made me very tired (who knew that considering throwing in the towel could be such an arduous task?) and it wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

I guess, no matter how cheerful one’s disposition, there will always be moments in life that are ‘less fuzzy bunny – more prickly pear’ as my flat-mate Sian would say. (Oh Siany and her jokes!) I also remembered hearing ‘you might not be able to change your circumstances but you can change your attitude’, which I would be SO tempted to argue against, if I wasn’t so tempted to try it.

I don’t think it’s healthy for people to never feel anything negative. It’s a good thing to go through tough times, to question what you believe and why, and to ask for help when you need it. Moments like that are important for us to grow and learn and mature, absolutely. But sooner or later one can get tired of tripping over one’s own bottom lip. Plus, you’ll need that lip for when you want to comfort-eat yourself through your next soft-serve.
Being sad and confused in the dark is boring, and sooner or later you need to find your way back into the sunshine.

Life is far more fun with a head full of dreams, expecting something wonderful to happen at any moment, and believing that something is possible no matter how hopeless it seems. To live beyond hurts, failures, un-forgiveness and revenge and to always remember that the picture is way bigger than the part we can see.

God’s timing IS perfect.
His plans for us ARE good.
And anything IS possible.
(The three lines that made me want to punch people in the face a week ago.)

That’s something I (have to) CHOOSE to believe, and live.

So to end this post. I leave you with one of my favourite quotes from my favourite musician, Alexander Ebert…


“…The intellectual path left me very depleted of spirit… my sense of adventure and spirit and magic disappeared and, honestly, it’s just more fun to live with magic than without it… with the sense of anything being possible… with the sense of the the invisible as a possibility, than it is to believe that ‘this table is just a table’. It’s just more fun to believe in the possibility of anything being possible!

Thank you Alex! You’re a real gem!

New to Nouveau?

I’m an art retard. I know NOTHING about art. I mean, i know about Picasso and them, but I’m more like “i know what i like but i don’t know what it’s called” kind of person. I know it when i see it.

BUT this i know…

Art Nouveau and i are like …. like popcorn and smarties. Like chocolate and chilly. Like cream cheese frosting and – well – just about ANYTHING. I love it. I have some, and i want more. How beautiful!!



Plus, i love french words.

Here’s looking at you, kid!

I love kids. That’s no secret! And since i love kids, i love watching Hollywood moms and their kids… The second i hear these beloved stars are pregnant, i watch them like a hawk! From how they birth them (yes) to how they parent them, and ESPECIALLY how they dress them.  Dressing kids is tricky i think, especially in a country where if you find something nice, you normally have to give up their college savings to buy it.  I’m fussy too, so i hate clothing with cartoons on or ‘statement’ clothes like “if you think i’m cute you should see my mom”. Blegh. I’ve found it’s especially hard to dress boys, since most boys clothing has a stupid car on or some sort of action hero.

There are 3 kids that i just LOVE (stalking) checking up on …. they are so frikkin cute.

One day when i’m big and i have a son, I’m going to dress him like my favorite kid fashion idols!

Mason Dash Disick

Mason with mom Kourtney Kardashian

Levi McConaughey

Levi with mom Camila Alves

Kingston Rossdale

Kingston with mom Gwen Stefani

How adorable are they??

Then End.


How amazing is the Missoni Home range? Oh my hat… i want every last bit of it!

Rosita Missoni

IN LOVE with Maggie Taylor

An insane artist! And viewing her website is like going on a magical adventure …

Bird Girls by the Sea 1999

Garden 2005

Moth Dancer 2004

Love ❤

“Come here to me…”

Ross: I need a couch that says, “Kids welcome here.” But that also says, (In a sexy voice) “Come here to me!”

Rachel: What?! You say that to kids?!!

Ross: No! No! No! The “Come here to me” is y’know for the ladies.

‘The one with a cop” is definitely one of my favorite episodes of Friends! Phoebe meets a cop and Ross buys a new couch! Buying a couch immediately reminds me of Ross (not that it takes a great deal to be reminded of funny scenes from FRIENDS, there’s literally a quote for everything. EVERYTHING). And these colorful, quilted couches i found REALLY make me want to go couch shopping!!


I’m sure if Ross had one of these, he wouldn’t have to even ASK someone to sit with him 😉

Yes please!!!

Nachos muchachos

My wonderful roommate Elise is not only American, she’s half Hispanic. She makes the most INSANELY delicious mexican food you’ve EVER tasted …or seen …or smelled!!

If she’s not whipping up fajitas (from scratch) she’s making tacos or, like tonight, NACHOS!!  I really love food, especially food from all over the world, and nachos are one of my favorite favorite things to eat. (i love them so much they get ‘favorite’ twice)

I’ve tried using the exact same ingredients as she does, and my food never tastes as good. I asked her what the secret was and she either doesn’t want to tell me, or she doesn’t know herself. Must just be her Hispanic blood.

First came the the corn chips.

Then the  minced meat or “ground beef”, fried with onion and spiced with Taco spice.

We covered that with some “pico de gallo” (salsa) made with tomato; onion; chilli; coriander, salt and lemon juice.

Topped it off with grated cheese,  guacamole and sour cream aaaaaaand ….

TADAAAA!!!! Yummy! I won’t be able to really enjoy Nachos at a restaurant anymore. Try it, your mouth will love you forever!

What’s wrong with these kitchens?


So why are people so afraid of colour? And also, why do people neglect their kitchens? hmmm? One day when i’m big and own my own house, i’ll have a lovely colourful kitchen like one of these …

Long live the lens flare!!

Lens flare: “when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera’s film or digital sensor, often causing sunspots”

When it comes to photography, art and cars…. i don’t know much about it, i just know what i like. You could probably add “men” to that list too. haha.

If you haven’t noticed this about me, i am a 100% HOPELESS romantic. And lens flare  adds my kind of hopeless romance to a photo, making it look all dreamy and sentimental!! Here’s what i’m talking about:






Maybe one day i’ll win the lotto, buy myself a lovely camera, and take beautiful pictures like these … pretty huh???

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