I think about what every other single girl thinks about … Food!

I just inhaled a chicken and mayonnaise on olive panini. I attacked it, the way those people in Survivor do when they win a challenge and get to eat something yummy.

It was specifically when a piece of crispy, green lettuce slapped me on the chin, that i realised what a wonderful (and often underrated) companion it makes for just about any sandwich, which got me thinking about all different kinds of sandwiches, and sandwich meats… and then just meat and food in general. (but especially meat)

Every now and again i’m  embarrassed by how passionately i feel about food, like when people point it out: “it’s cute how passionately you feel about food” or, once while at a party, my friend (the hostess) asked her husband to call people to come and grab a plate because “no ones eating except Jolene”. Awkward.

People always say that if you make a living out of what you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This lead me to think of ways that i could make money by eating, like being a food critic… but i would be the worst person in the world for that job  because i just love EVERYTHING. I’m the least fussy person when it comes to food. I eat just about any food in one form or another. I don’t LOVE asparagus on it’s own, but will eat it in a stir fry. Not the biggest fan of baked beans, but will eat them in a wrap or in soup etc. So when i congratulate someone for the delicious meal they’ve prepared, i’m not sure if it really counts as a compliment or not. Although the pure joy on my face when i’m eating and the “mmmmmm” noises i subconsciously make with closed eyes are always well received.

One would think then, that this makes me a good cook. But one would be sorely mistaken i’m afraid. I’m far more interested in eating than in actually cooking anything. I feel like it requires quite a bit of effort …. then it’s done, and all you’re left with are dirty dishes *raised eyebrow*. I’m hoping that my love for the 1940’s housewife will inspire me to  feel a tad bit more enthusiastic about preparing meals for my family one day, otherwise they’re in trouble. Or perhaps I’ll be so inspired, that i’ll be whipping up all sorts of dishes from all over the world (since i’m such an adventurous eater too) that they’ll be met with very suspicious “wow’s” and nervous expressions.

Either way, I do love food. And nothing is more irritating to me, than those girls who don’t eat. “Eating is cheating” they say!! Hold on, one thing is more irritating than them … the ones who believe it’s their job to inform you on how many calories are in everything, and give you that look of judgement when you’re licking traces of chocolate mousse off your spoon.

I DO disagree with eating to fill anything besides your stomach, and I’m a firm believer in looking after yourself and the body God blessed you with, but life is too short to be worrying about everything you eat, and obsessing over weight. There’s nothing wrong with loving food, the healthy and the not-so-healthy…

So here are some of my favourite food quotes, from people who love food like i love food ❤

“Fasting? The only thing fast about me is how fast i eat!”

Kimora Lee Simmons

“Would i blow everyone’s mind if i ate dessert first?”

Moss (IT Crowd)

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

Luciano Pavarotti


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